The Vinyl Stitches - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Occasionally London throws up a 60’s-style primitive rock band that you simply cant ignore.

THE VINYL STITCHES are such a band!

These three individuals - Jean-claude, Fernando ,Vinny- have only garage on their minds and fuzz in their lustful hearts. The Stitches recreate that infectious sound when young americans came out of their sleepy towns high on illicit substances and set about changing the world with the 4/4 beat. Employing a heady mix of THE STOOGES,13 FLOOR ELEVATORS,and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, not to mention a splash of THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN and THE CRAMPS, they create an orgy of foot-stomping noise to soundtrack an imaginary psych-ploitation film.

Let yourself be bowled over by their outlandish and mesmerising live shows!!!