True Vision Records - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

True Vision Records is a young dynamic indie label lead by a Russian classical musician/composer- Nikolai Krinitski. The label concentrates on releases in a variety of styles; Progressive Trance, Breakbeat, IDM, Hip Hop (downloadable beats) and Classical Music.

Nikolai Krinitski originally from Moscow, Russia. From the age of five he attended Gnesin School of Music in Moscow. Later in UK attending Pursell School of Music and in 2006 graduating from Royal College of Music. As a cellist Nikolai Krinitski written original material which was later released by EMI in UK and Universal Group in US. Nikolai has been producing electronic music since 2004 under different aliases; Forgotten Frequencies, Energy vs Entropy, Aphrodite (not relevant to DJ Aphrodite). Nikolai Krinitski is currently involved in projects both as a classical and electronic musician.