Siren Song
once upon a time you could read my mind
and dictate my life all ahead of time
teach me once again everything so wrong
sing a siren song just to string me along
when i start to believe you can help
get lost in myself and lose sight of just how
i can't further relate.
no i can't it's impossible

i can't help but feel slightly betrayed
that something you said would take me so far away
and despite all the strength that it takes
to not medicate, i'm losing my faith again
all i know is that i'm not the same
i lose all the weight and safely sit home again
cause despite all the strength that it takes
i stay awake to witness my day as it breaks

caged in ribs and rhymes i can fake the joy
and i guess sometimes i prefer the void
but i swear somewhere deep within that hole
lies a filthy heart that was once a soul