neue deutsche haerte - найкращі виконавці жанру

Neue Deutsche Härte (“new German hardness”, German pronunciation: [nɔʏ̯ə dɔʏ̯tʃə hɛrtə]) is a form of German industrial metal, which combines deep, clean vocals with distorted electric guitar, drums, keyboard, synthesisers, samples, and sometimes drum machines. Oomph!, formed in 1989, was the original NDH band, establishing the rudiments of the style on their second album, Sperm. Rammstein is the most famous and successful practitioner. The style is especially successful in continental Europe; its most famous representative, Rammstein, has sold nearly four million records in Germany, while accumulating gold and platinum records in Sweden, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Poland and the Czech Republic.] In addition, Oomph! achieved a gold record for their Augen Auf! single in Austria and Germany. Eisbrecher’s debut entered at #13 on the Deutschen Alternative Top 20 Chart, while the group’s second album (Antikörper) reached the #85 position on the German main chart. Other NDH groups include Fleischmann, ASP, Farmer Boys, Joachim Witt, L’Âme Immortelle, Letzte Instanz, Megaherz, Schweisser, Stahlhammer, Tanzwut, Think About Mutation, Unheilig, and Weissglut.