I actually, genuinely, want to hear what people, who always say that BP always does the same thing, have to say in this one? Because, I don't know you but I was not expecting them to keep "La campanella" for almost the entirety of the song? The finesse and the classiness, the noble and expensive vibes that this song exudes is not something I was expecting! I feel like it's the first time in a very long time that I have been surprised by one of their song! The MV and comeback always have something surprising and shocking but the structure of the song and the delivery is something we've gotten used to to some degree. However this one (while we can argue the structure remains similar) the delivery is so much more refined but still savage and aggressive very them in the confidence and attitude. But the violin from that classical piece was surprising in a very good way. It almost felt like an ad, for BP, from BP, by BP directed to the haters and I loved it. The balls to re-use some sets from the past MV to call out people saying they're always recycling sounds?! Love it!
The references is also a testament to their career and how much they've accomplished and how far they've come! That makes me super proud!
I really really enjoyed this, I don't know how it will grow on me but I am excited to see how exactly!

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