Joyner Lucas ft. Jelly Roll - "Best For Me" Official Music Video (Not Now I'm Busy)

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Production Company: LMTLSS Media
Director: Joyner Lucas & Trevor Finney
Executive Producer: Dhruv Joshi, Brendan Smith, Jake Diamond
Producer: Brendan Smith
DP: Michael Henaghan
Editors: Joyner Lucas, Trevor Finney
Colorist: Jared Rosenthal
Engineer: Leo Son
Production assistant: Kayle Olzer
AD/Lead PA: Jake Diamond
Steadicam: Larkin McLaughlin
1st A/C: Ben Ades
2nd A/C: Alex Cope
DIT: Lane Fernandez
Gaffer: Nate Airey
Key Grip: Andrew Alfonsi
Grip- Nick Pietroniro
Grip: Skylar Carr
Makeup Artist: Bianca Bentley
BTS: Andy Pollitt & Brendon Barsnetti
Artist Trailer & rentals: Adventure coast
Location Scout/Artist Relations: Chris “Marty” Martin
Food Catering: Martins BBQ ( Nashville, TN )

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