I am officially obsessed with them and with this song! Not gonna lie, the first time I heard the teaser I was skeptical but like a woodpecker the ti-ti-ti-ti part got drilled in my head and it refused to leave my brain ever since. And so I do think that a big reason as to why I got to enjoy this comeback so easily was because I viewed the teaser first and had time to process the "weirdness" of it. This got me excited and in a way I haven't felt for a little while! Last time it happened was probably for AESPA actually and so that excitement is rare which is why I am so beyond happy about this comeback! It's just super fun and catchy, refreshing and exciting! Their voices are so great here, the deeper the better for me lol But also Chaewon's high note was marvelous! Now, it's fun but it's not fun just ot be fun since it also is coherent with their concept and so I love it even more that everything is so. coherent! I think this is one of the rare moment also where I got wrecked by all the members in one MV. They're truly on their way to become one of my fav group! I'm so obsessed with this comeback seriously. It was weirdly verry kpop but also international at the same time? Obsessed I'm telling you! Also you know I'm into the song when it's not even 20 seconds in and I'm already putting my tongue out nsnsnssn

→ Watch the MV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyf8cbqyfPs

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