Sin Shake Sin - Human Nature - Official Music Video (2020)

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We hate our jobs. We hate our neighbors.
It's just fucking human nature.
We save ourselves. We kill our saviors.
It's just fucking human nature.

We've seen it all before still we can't get enough.
Nothing like a rich man's war to spill a poor man's blood.
We're here at last, but no longer awake.
Can't learn from the past if we pretend it's fake.

They tell me we're the chosen ones.
Why would we be the chosen ones?

We elevate ourselves to the top of the chain.
We celebrate ourselves while we stake our claims.
Such irony cannot be denied:
We kill each other over where we go when we die.

“They use prejudice as a practical weapon to cripple the nation.
Of course that was not easy to do. They had to work hard to do it.
Somebody's going to get something out of this..
and it isn't going to be you.”

Hypocrisy takes all shapes and forms.
Some only care about people until the minute they're born.

“A simple yet shocking fact.
A flood tide of filth is engulfing our country in the form
of newsstand obscenity.
It's threatening to pervert an entire nation of our American children.”

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