Fuerza Regida, Alfredo Olivas - Me Tocó Morir

Me Tocó Morir · Fuerza Regida · Alfredo Olivas

Sigan Hablando

℗ 2022 Rancho Humilde/Street Mob Records, Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC

Released on: 2022-12-28

Associated Performer: Fuerza Regida & Alfredo Olivas
Composer, Lyricist: Miguel Armenta
Composer, Lyricist, Executive Producer, Performance Arranger, Producer: Jesús Ortiz Paz
Composer, Lyricist: Angel Ureta
Executive Producer: Jimmy Humilde
Recording Engineer: Salvador Garcia
Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer: Ramón Sánchez Lizárraga
A& R Director: Txema Rosique
A& R Coordinator: Gaby Vilar

#FuerzaRegida #AlfredoOlivas #SiganHablando

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