TWICE Pre-release english track "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" M/V REACTION

This only just reinforced my idea that TWICE are real life fairies, princesses, goddess and that I have no choice but to be whipped for them and worship the ground they walk on snsnsnns Over dramatic much? Perhaps but they're worth it!
Like I said, one of the factor that I look for to know whether I like a song or not is whether my body will react to it on its own... and since my body automatically started body rolling the moment the chorus dropped, well I can tell you that yes I, in fact, enjoyed this a lot! They practically did everything right here! Letting them sing in their natural register, a great rap that makes sense, a catchy as hell chorus, classy and sweet vibes, inviting and welcoming! An invitation that you cannot turn down!
IF my interpretation of the lyrics is correct then this is a baby making song but it was so tastefully done that I realised that only at the end!
The insinuation was almost too light that it makes me question whether I'm actually reading the lyrics properly lol I might just have a nasty mind though so take my understanding of the song with a grain of salt nsnsnsn
Loved this, love them, can't wait for the official comeback!

→ Watch the MV here:

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