TAEYANG - 'VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)' M/V REACTION

Oh they did not lie, that's for sure! They called this vibe knowing that they would deliver and that they did! I was already having high expectation for this and once again, they delivered, but what I was not expecting is for this song to make me feel so good and just completely change my mood for the better! It's the epitome of good music to me, where you're just there in the moment, feeling it and enjoying it. You're mind and body is in the moment appreciating all of it entirely. At least for me! I was present, in the moment and my body felt it before my brain even tried to do anything and I think this feeling of just enjoying the moment is something that I missed dearly and why I felt like this song brightened my day!
Both their voices inherently have a rnb tone to it and so putting them on such track is heaven! It gave me so much nostalgia, I got reminded of Usher, The weekend, Bruno Mars etc. All that good "old school" vibes and I loved it so so much! That's what I meant also when I said that these two transcend their generation and the kpop genre they originate from, at least in my eyes.
This collab was too wild to even dream of but damn I am glad I am alive today to have witnessed it!

→ Watch the MV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXCBiF67jLM

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