I put the majority of all my favorite Brent songs together, it was hard narrowing it down since I love his music so much! Lol
**This is FANMADE MIX**

*I do not own any rights to this music*

Twitter: @justanotherep
IG: jusanotherepisode

Track list:
0:00 Morning Rain
2:35 Insecure
4:29 Rehab (Winter in Paris)
6:42 Dead Man Walking
8:55 Darling / Wish you Well (Interlude)
9:23 Bluffin
11:46 Been Away
14:37 Running on E.
16:50 What You Heard // Sonder (Interlude)
17:52 Make Luv
19:11 Fuck the World
22:07 Around Me
24:26 Lost Kids Get Money
27:05 Poundz
28:44 Came Right Back
30:17 So Far Gone / Fast Life Bluez
32:00 Why'z It So Hard
33:52 Trust
35:57 First World Problemz / Nobody Carez
37:28 Soon As I Get Home (Interlude)
38:14 Gang Over Luv
39:56 Target on My Chest
41:15 Stay Down
42:45 Missin Out'

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