Drake - War

War (Official Video) - Dark Lane Demo Tapes


Director - Theo Skudra
Executive Producer - Christian Tyler
Produced by - Jason Aita, Jacqueline de Niverville, and Kit Weyman
Associate Producer - Teo Weyman
Production Coordinator - Alex Dall'Orso
DOP - Ali Khurshid
1st Assistant - Camera Nick Petrie
1st Assistant Camera - Johann Montreuil
2nd Assistant Camera - Vy Nguyen
Stills Photography - Norman Wong
Camera Trainees - Duy Nguyen
Camera Trainees - Christopher Yeun
Gaffer - Alex Poutiainen
Best Boy - Guillaume Cottin
Key Grip - Martin Kenji
Best Boy - Maachi Kulpa
Camera Vehicle Tech - Bob Harper
Flight Head Tech - Bernard Van Speyk
Balloon Tech - Pratik Bhakri
Art Director - Alexa Hollingsworth
Art Assistant - Brooke Gangbar
Gobar Falanger - Chadwick Starr
Production Assistant - Cameron Frengopoulos
Production Assistant - Patrick Sue Chan
Production Assistant - Jaiden Davis Jones
Production Assistant - Jivana Basra
Production Assistant - Connor Anderson

Production Company: Colossale

Film Processed at FotoKem Los Angeles
Senior Dailies Producer: Mary Chamberlain

Special Thanks to Robert Murdoch, Michael MacPherson, Colorlab, Frame Discreet

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