Sin Shake Sin - Idiocracy (2018)

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Idiocracy [[ LYRICS ]]

water down the facts
dummy down the music
take away our freedom
before we can abuse it

tell me what to think
if I had a brain I'd use it
how much can you swallow
depends on how you chew it

look both ways, before you start to crawl
it's ok, inequality for all

I refuse to be a part of your idiocracy
they'll find our city's ashes beneath the rising sea
and one day they'll look back and wonder how it came to be
cause we replaced reality with idiocracy

open up a vein
so they can draw off it
they'll take anything
as long as there's a profit

give them all you have
but never have a damn doubt
when you need their help
they'll tell you it's a handout

don't be afraid, the crooks are here to save the day
it's ok, the less you know, the more they're paid

this madness, we can stop it
it's time to culture shock it
this cult of deception
just needs a disconnection

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