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Here is our story about Big Hit's new corporate branding, our goals and our new office space.


0:00 Introduction
6:03 New Corporate Brand Name
7:29 Organization
18:32 Mission & Vision
21:49 New Brand Identity
24:53 New Office Space
36:33 Closing


[“HYBE: NEW BRAND PRESENTATION” Planning & Supervision]

Chief Creative Director: Heejin Min
Creative Director: Yemin Kim
Assistant Director: Donghoon Shin
Planning: Nayeon Kim, Han-gyeol Kim

- Designfever

Design: Yi Ju Hwan, Park Ji Yeon, Jung Song Hee, Chung Hyun Ju
Motion: Moon Ji Woong, Ryu Keun Ju, Choi Ah Yeong, Kim Young Ran, Kim Da Hui
Planning: Bae Euri, Rhee Jee Hee

- Kenosis
3D: James KyungSoo Kim, Joongmin Park, MyeongHwan Cho, Kim Sang Hee



Chief Creative Director: Heejin Min
Project Director: Yemin Kim
Design: Yemin Kim, Han-gyeol Kim

Creative Director : Jaehee Joh
Project Director : Seungwon Yoo
BX Designer : Boram An, Jinsol Shin, Hongeun Yoon, Jagyoun Koo


[HYBE Architects]

FHHH friends + studio COM
Sejoong Kim, Joowon Han, Hanjin Yoon, Seungjae Han, Yangkyu Han

Team: Yunju Choi, Eunjee Choe, Yoomi Shin, Jaenam Lim, Hyunseok Hong, Youngho Cho, Hyesang Park

*Spatial Experience Design
Hanjin Yoon (FHHH), Joowon Han (COM), Sejoong Kim (COM), Heejin Min (HYBE), Donghoon Shin (HYBE)


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