7 Methods to Solve the Internet Light Red On Router

7 Methods to Solve the Internet Light Red On Router

Have you ever wondered what your router's LED lights mean? When the internet light is red, there is a problem with our internet connection that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

The following article will explain why the Internet is light red and what you need to do to fix it.

What does it mean by Internet Light Red On Router?

Our router's lights are either off, blinking, or solid most of the time. The Internet light can be solid red, which means you don't have an internet connection, or it can blink red. Either most of the time user says that their Verizon Router Red Globe blinking continuously. Then there is something wrong with the connection.

These situations need to be fixed quickly, so here are some ideas.

Fixing The Red Internet Light Step-By-Step

We've chosen a few tried-and-true ways to help you fix your Internet connection problem. Let's start with the easiest ones first.

1) Check The Connection

The cables and plugs can also be a bit of a problem. If there is a loose connection or a broken cable, the red Internet light on your router could be on. It is often enough to go over the cable with our chair or to bend it too much, which will be damaged.

When we move our router to a better spot or buy new equipment, we might connect the cable to the wrong port.

We must carefully check each cable in our network and both ends. If we think a cable might cause the red Internet light, we need to replace it.

2) Power Issues

If your router isn't getting enough power or the power isn't stable, it could be because your surge protector isn't working right. If you want to know if the red Internet light is because of the surge protector, you can take the power cable out of the surge protector and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Check the Internet light after the router has started up. If it's still red, reconnect the router to the surge protector and try the next solution.

3) Don't Rush To Fix It

Most of the time, this is a short-term problem that will go away on its own in a short time. Since this is the case, it is best not to rush through troubleshooting. Just wait a little bit and see what happens. If you see that the Internet light is still blinking after a long time, you can try the given solutions.

4) Restart Your Router

Most of the problems we have with our electronics can be fixed this way. When we want to fix problems with our networking, we can use the same idea. We have to restart the wireless router because it is important to the network. This process clears the cache memory, which should fix any software bugs causing the problem.

Take the router's power cord and pull it out of the electrical outlet. After a while, plug the power cable back in. The router should start up on its own. It would help if you only had to wait a few minutes for the LED lights to settle down. Then take another look at the Internet light. Depending on the type of router, it should be either green or blue.

5) No WAN IP Address

In some situations, your WAN won't automatically get an IP address. We should look into this to determine what's wrong with the red Internet light.

This problem can be fixed from the router's admin dashboard, so we need to know how to log in to our router. You can find the WAN settings in either the Advanced or Network section. Next to it, you have to check the box next to Automatic IP. If it isn't, check Automatic IP and click the Save button to confirm your choice. Check to see if this fixed the issue.

6) Is Your ISP Down?

When your ISP is down for some reason, the red Internet light on your router is likely to be on. There could be a power outage, a technical problem, or maintenance on the network, among other things.

If we want to know if our ISP is down in our area, we can call their customer service or go to their website and look for a page called "outages" or "status." We can also use downdetector.com to check this.

If the power goes out in our area, we must wait until the problem is fixed. But if there is no outage, the following should be checked.

7) Contact Support

The solutions you've seen so far should have helped you solve the problem so far. But if you've tried everything and the problem is still there, it's best to call your ISP's tech support.

Call them up and tell them what's happening. They can restart your connection, tell you about a specific problem, or send a technician to look into the problem. If the tech guy confirms that the router is broken, and if the one you are using is still under warranty, you can expect to get a new one.


With the help of these solutions, we hope you were able to fix the red Internet light on your router. It's good to know that you can use these solutions to fix other problems with your internet connection.

If that happens, you should try not to freak out. Instead, go through the steps one at a time and always give the router time to fully boot up before trying another solution.

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