E-commerce Mobile App Development: Its Advantages

E-commerce Mobile App Development: Its Advantages

Smart devices have made it possible for shoppers to make purchases anytime at their convenience. Therefore, having a website is not enough to increase your e-commerce sales. Your business also needs a mobile app to stay connected with your clients using their smartphones.

Developing a feature-rich and reliable mobile app can grow your business in many ways. Let’s find the advantages of developing mobile apps for your online store.

How mobile apps are beneficial for your business?

It’s a D2C marketing channel:

The biggest challenge every brand faces is staying close to its customers. However, smartphones have made this task easier as a mobile app lets you connect with them 24/7. Moreover, staying ahead of the game requires a direct-to-customer (D2C) channel and a mobile app is a perfect example.

With a mobile app, you can offer deals, discounts, and coupons to your customers successfully. Thus, it can change the method of interaction between your brand and the customers. After all, it helps maintain steady involvement with your customers, which is necessary.

Mobile commerce is a trend:

Surveys reveal that 67% of all e-commerce sales across the world are coming from mobile devices. In fact, in the coming two years, mobile commerce is expected to handle 73% of all e-commerce sales.

The shopping experience via mobile app is certainly great, and that’s why it’s increasing at a consistent rate each year. So, the usage of e-commerce apps is increasing as shoppers can easily buy their favourite products within a few minutes. So, hire a mobile app development company in India to help you develop a high-end e-commerce app.

Better customer experience:

Your profit will increase when you can successfully fulfil your customer’s demand for a personalized and consistent shopping experience. You need a reliable mobile app to meet the customer's requirements. Therefore, knowing your customers is vital, and your e-commerce app can be of great help. How come?

Today’s technological advancements have made it possible to integrate AI, AR, and VR with your mobile app. Now you can easily find out the likes and dislikes of your customers and other details related to purchasing decisions. This information is important for improving the shopping experience of your customers.

Improved conversion rate:

Mobile apps can help generate more revenue which is a goal you would like to achieve. Your e-commerce store needs a mobile app for a reason, and you can provide a seamless shopping experience.

Mobile apps have certain features that can help in conversion. Moreover, using your mobile app, you can send push notifications to your customers to send reminders about new arrivals.

Again, you can help the users save information about payment and shipping. You can also integrate mobile wallets to keep the payment method convenient for the shoppers.

Brand recognition:

The expansion of your e-store depends on how popular it is among shoppers. One of the effective methods to improve your brand awareness is investing in e-commerce mobile app development. It’s a successful branding tactic to make your brand known to more customers.

That’s why, leading mobile app development services providers in India suggest focusing on creating amazing UI/UX designs. This will also help make a lasting impression on shoppers using mobile apps for shopping.

Staying competitive:

In today’s market, numerous online shopping stores are available. Each store tries to maintain an impactful website to stay ahead of the game. That’s why developing an app can take you a step ahead of your competitors.

Multiple e-commerce store websites may confuse shoppers looking for a convenient shopping method. Your e-commerce app can help you to beat those rivals who don’t have an app. However, you must focus on creating a feature-rich and user-friendly app that will help in customer engagement. 

Establishing meaningful relationships with customers:

Good bonding with your shoppers is important, as you need a loyal customer base. Keep in mind that customers need details about products, contact information, and other relevant information. You can also utilize the app to boost customer loyalty. To develop a reliable app, you must maintain a consistent layout and design on a mobile platform.

Besides, you can also suggest relevant products based on previous purchases to make your customers feel valued. Moreover, loyalty programs such as discounts, coupons, etc, will inspire the customers to come back to your store. Above all, provide 24/7 customer support to solve issues your customer faces. All these are necessary to build a loyal customer base, and your e-commerce app will help you achieve this easily.

Boost average order value(AOV):

As per a survey, mobile apps have a higher average order value than browsers. Moreover, app users can view more products per session on apps. In other words, on your e-commerce app, shoppers can find more options than they can see on websites. Therefore, you can expect to receive more orders through the apps. So, developing a mobile app guarantees that you will see an increased number of transactions each month.

Less cart abandonment rate:

When buyers use mobile apps for online shopping, their preferences are saved in the settings. That’s why there is no need to insert those details repeatedly each time the buyers make purchases. This will make shopping less annoying and also going to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 


Your online store expansion is not possible if you are neglecting the idea of developing a mobile app. In fact, after going through this blog, you may have understood how your business can benefit from developing an app. You must consider developing a mobile app to get maximum benefits. Also, taking help from a mobile app development company can always be a great idea to develop a user-friendly app.

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