Top Effective Android App Development Tips

Top Effective Android App Development Tips

At present, there are more than 3.04 million apps on the Google Play Store, and this number is expected to continue to go up. Naturally, it's the perfect time to gain the best Android development tips from giant Android developers from all over the globe.

Since its debut commercial launch in the year 2008, this green robot has proven to be a great friend to both end-users and developers alike. But, the varied user base, unpredictable modifications to the hardware, and a growing community of developers keep Android developers active to search for new and exciting ways to improve their products.

As you are still mulling over how to find the "Next Big Trend" We've put together a collection of the most effective Android app development techniques to think about for a seamless development experience.

Top Effective Android Application Development Tips:

  • The Name of the Application is vital.

Developers tend to leave choosing the name of their application until the very end, believing it is something to be taken care of after the development of the application has been completed. This could be detrimental to the application's reputation to its users. So, it's best to choose the name ahead of time, investigate its significance and impact of it, and lastly, keep it in mind to prevent duplicates.

  • Learn more about AI, AR, and VR

Learning to master these new technologies will allow you to stay ahead of the curve. With the introduction of Google Duplex and ARCore, numerous users are eagerly taking advantage of the potential that comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). To remain in the game, it's time to invest in studying these.

  • Flutter

Google's Flutter is a cross-platform SDK that is available to run Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and even the web. Flutter isn't just a different platform but is written in Dart programing language. Dart can be described as the AOT (Ahead Of Time) designed, compiled, and client-optimized programming language that is used to create applications that work on IoT devices. The exploration and early steps within Flutter and Dart could aid in the cause of developing mobile applications that are future-proof.

  • Be aware of the platform

The platform will be where you'll spend an extensive amount of time over the next few months of app development and should therefore be your most trusted companion. Find out as much as possible about the platform. Find out how it addresses problems like memory management, the lifecycle of components as well as concurrency.

  • Architecture is equally important.

The lengthy and exhausting hours spent coding can make developers anxious about the proper maintenance of their code. They continue to add Activities as well as Fragments until it becomes a massive code monster. It's a lot of work to manage and test. Decide and then adopt an elegant structure. Such as MVP and Redux can assist you in the management of architectural design.

  • Learn about UI/UX Design

What makes an app user-friendly is its design and UI/UX. An Android developer may choose to restrict himself or herself to only coding or be involved in the process of designing, to understand the way that a particular piece of code affects users and feel.

  •  Be alert! Sign up for the latest news on the market

Android has already eaten up the majority of smartphones on the market. Understanding what popular Android applications are trending on the market, as well as knowing what factors made these apps popular initially can help you improve your game. It is vital to keep up-to-date with the most recent developments in the Android market. There is a kind of war between iOS and Android which results in rapid technological advancements. Here are some Android against iOS game market statistics to gain a better understanding of the market for the two giants of software.

  • Don't overdo the ideas.

Android users require an application they can easily comprehend and work with minimal effort. A complicated UI/UX design reduces user retention. It is said that "Material Design" has a specific reason. Google has meticulously crafted this extensive set of guidelines for design that are intended for Android developers. Make sure the interface of your app is clear, simple, and simple to comprehend.

  • The playground project

A fresh outlook never hurts. A simple playground activity in your hands can act as an alternative, to divert your attention to a more serious task when you are feeling bored or overwhelmed. Furthermore, this play project will help you gain an understanding of concepts by serving as a test to learn new concepts.

  • Test the spectrum of hardware

Android game developers or app developers are more comfortable developing and testing their applications on expensive devices, in order to be sure that they have an extremely stable and reliable application. However, this is a matter important to manage cautiously. It's now imperative that any new feature is evaluated on a low-end device, too. This will guarantee wide-operating across a variety of devices. After all, who can predict the screen resolution or size that is coming next?

  • Be part of communities

Inquiring questions can assist you in your learning. StackOverflow, Reddit, Quora, GitHub, etc. can provide an entry point into the realm of Android development. While physical interaction with other developers isn't always feasible These communities will aid you in staying connected with your colleagues. You can get rid of your doubts, master new techniques, and even assist your colleagues in developing.

  • The client is correct!

Create what the client has actually requested, do not create what you imagine he may require. Participate with clients and take note of what they would like. At times, you could offer a better solution to the issue they're trying to resolve however that's not your responsibility. Always suggest, not dictate your client's requirements.

  • Keep an eye out for ways to boost the performance of your app

An Android application is only as good in performance as it is. Once it is downloaded, the application's life span on the phone of a user will be extremely dependent on its performance more than anything else. As a developer, it should be your aim to study and apply the latest methods for achieving high performance.

  • A thorough research process is crucial.

Research should form the primary list of tasks that must be accomplished before you write one word of code. The importance of knowing the needs of the user is not overemphasized.

  • Feedback is crucial

Be attentive to user feedback and work to improve the design. The reason Android remains ahead of the market is its continual adoption to meet the requirements of the users. One of the most important feedback metrics includes the Google Play Store review. to gather insights into users' minds about the features to include in future updates to applications.


You could reinvent your wheel or be careful not to repeat the same Android mistakes in development by following the suggestions and tricks that are provided in this guide. Android Developers at Shiv Technolabs are skilled at making use of the latest technology and state of the Art Android development tools. They strive to provide an exceptional user experience by staying abreast of Android market trends and developments to ensure that their clients are ahead of the curve.

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