Reasons Why Flask is Better Framework for Web Application Development

Reasons Why Flask is Better Framework for Web Application Development

The web development industry is at its tipping point in this digital epoch. Various programming languages are available for web development, out of which Python is the most popular one. 

Python is a general-purpose programming language developed in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. It is used for building software applications and web applications, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization. Some famous websites that we use on a daily basis, such as Instagram, Drop, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, and Uber, are developed in Python

Every programming language has its own frameworks and libraries to facilitate the development work, and so does Python. One of the widespread and well-liked web frameworks for Python is Flask. 

Flask is a micro-web framework for creating web applications in Python. It is one of the top-ranked web frameworks for Python and is very popular among Python developers. But, have you ever wondered why Flask is a popular Python web framework? 

Well, in this blog post, you will be acquainted with some reasons why Flask is a better framework for web application development. Before delving into the topic, let us first understand what a Flask framework is. 

What is Flask? 

Flask is a micro web framework based on Python for building web applications easily and quickly. Developed by Armin Ronacher in 2004, Flask is based on Werkzeg WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) toolkit and the Jinja2 template engine. It is beginner-friendly and more Pythonic than other frameworks. 

Since there is no need for specific tools or libraries, Flask is called a micro-framework. In addition, it does not provide tools or modules for various features, such as database ORM, authentication, form validation, etc., like full-stack frameworks. It only provides the essential tools for developing web apps, such as routing, sessions, request handling, etc.

Top 5 Reasons Why Flask is Better Framework for Web Application Development

Here are some of the major reasons why flask is a better framework for web application development: 

1. Highly Scalable

If you have a small business and require a website for it, it is obvious that you build a website that your business offers right now and then scale it as your business grows. Flask lets you do this. So, if you desire to create a small web application and scale it later as per the requirements, Flask is the best option to choose. 

Pinterest, a leading image sharing and social media service that handles millions of user requests per day, has shifted from Django to Flask due to its scalability. This framework provides flexibility to modularize (arrange in small pieces) the source code as it grows over time. 

2. Flexible and Beginner-Friendly

Flask is a beginner-friendly micro web framework, i.e., even beginners can easily learn to use this framework and create web applications. More interestingly, it comes with the comprehensive documentation that makes it even more straightforward to learn. In addition, this framework has a huge community where experts are always there to help you out in your difficulties. 

Moreover, it is an open-source framework. This means you can modify various parts of this framework as per your requirements. However, it is essential to note that there a very few parts of Flask that you cannot change. In a nutshell, Flask is open to change. 

3. Complete Control over Codebases

With Flask, you can have entire control over the source code of your web applications. This is one of the major reasons why Flask is popular among Python developers. It provides flexibility in choosing the desired components for your web application. Also, it lets you use only those extensions that are required for your applications. 

For example, consider that your web app does not require the usage of form validation or database access. You can simply exclude the usage of those extensions and rely on only the required ones. 

4. Support for Testing

After writing the source code for your web application, the time comes to test it to discover bugs or errors. In many Python web frameworks, you do not find the option of testing. In such a case, you have to look for an external testing application. 

Fortunately, Flask comes with the unit testing capability to test your web application before releasing it to the market. Besides this, it comes with a development server, blazing fast debugger, and RESTful request dispatcher. All these make the testing process easy and seamless. 

5. Facilitates Experimentation

When you choose Flask as your framework, it makes it easy for you to build web applications with different approaches. Also, it lets you become adaptable to newly emerging technologies and follow agile development methodologies. 

Another advantage of using Flask is that it supports adding new features to your web applications without any hassle. It lets you continuously improve your application with quick integration with support systems. 


This brings us to the end of the reason why flask is a better framework for web application development. Being a lightweight framework, it is robust, provides essential web development features, and is easy to use. It lets developers have control over their source code and provides support for unit testing. In a nutshell, Flask is a beginner-friendly yet powerful micro web framework for developing web applications in Python. 

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