Anti-Racism Online Course: All You Need To Know About

Anti-Racism Online Course: All You Need To Know About

The anti-racism course is the type of course which is mainly related to the topic of race as well as racism in the United States. The people who are mainly interested in learning about racism in the US. This course is also for those who have never read the book about race/racism, nor attended any race equity or diversity training. Some of the finest anti-racism online course has been discussed in this article.

Top online racism courses to know about

 Racism, as well as discrimination, mainly exist in different societies. Nowadays hate crimes, as well as racial injustice, are on the rise. So the need for proper education to handle these human rights issues is essential. Some of the top anti-racism online courses are as below:

  1. Anti-Racism I is the type of course which is being offered by the University of Boulder Colorado. The duration of this course is 11 hours. The course will mainly provide its readers an introduction to racism in the USA. The student will know about what systemic, as well as institutionalized racism, is. The students will know about some of the essential terms like white privilege. They will also get to know about the concept of whiteness.
  2. In the case of race and cultural diversity in American life and history, it mainly introduces as well as increases the learners' understanding of race, ethnicity, as well as cultural diversity. The learner will mainly come to know about complex realities about race as well as ethnic diversity in American society. This online course is mainly offered by the University of Illinois. This mainly takes around 12 hours to complete.
  3. Narratives of nonviolence in the American civil rights movement mainly inspect the modern civil rights movement. The students will come to know about the fight for human rights in the United States. The student will learn about different civil rights activists as well as leaders and the way they mainly contributed to create the desired change. This course mainly takes around 15 hours to complete the said course.

Main topics the student will learn from anti-racism online course

After completing the best anti-racism online course from the leading online platform for learning, the students will be able to do the following like:

  1. The students will know how to talk about race as well as racism.
  2. The student will know how to use contemporary intersectional terminology with the help of a provided glossary.
  3. The student must know how to define systemic as well as institutional racism.
  4. The student must know how to distinguish between talking about race/racism as well as participating in racist acts.
  5. The students mainly use as well as understand contemporary intersectional terminology through the provided glossary.


This course is mainly well-organized, as well as easy to use. The various suggestions about this course are mainly based on extensive research as well as experience. These are some of the essential facts to learning about anti-racism online courses.


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