The Most Popular Color Schemes for Bathrooms

The Most Popular Color Schemes for Bathrooms

The popular colors used to decorate bathrooms are subject to change, just as bathroom styles and trends. When redecorating your bathroom, the last thing you want to happen is for a hue to become outdated before it has even dried. Check out this color-picking guide to make sure you choose the color that's ideal for you and your bathroom.


Always Use Paint Cards


The Most Popular Color Schemes for Bathrooms


Before settling on a color, look at sample color cards in your bathroom that you can get at the hardware store. Check them out in both natural and artificial light. You could be amazed at how the paint hue you loved looks in your bathroom's light versus the store. Realizing that the color won't work in your particular bathroom before you begin painting is preferable. If you're going to paint your walls a color that is not white, you'll need to prime them. If the wall is drywall, use a primer with a high alkyd content. If it's plaster or masonry, use one with a high silicone content.


Pick Your Floor First


The Most Popular Color Schemes for Bathrooms


If you're having difficulties deciding on a bathroom color, start by choosing your floor. As you begin to put the jigsaw together by working your way up from the bottom, you'll discover that making decisions is simpler.


Choose your floor:

  • White tile or wood flooring: light, clean, and neutral.
  • Linoleum or vinyl flooring: classic and durable.
  • "Carpet-like" tile or carpeting: soft to the touch and warm, but can be hard to keep clean.


Be a Copycat

There is a valid reason why a particular color is preferred by professional designers and homeowners alike. The contrary is also true. If no one can recall the paint color being sold at the store, it might not be the greatest option for your bathroom. Usually, the few lighter and darker variations of a popular hue will also look good. When considering the color of your bathroom, it's important to keep a few things in mind. The most popular colors for bathrooms are white and neutral colors like beige and gray. However, there are still other options that could work well for you.


The Most Popular Color Schemes for Bathrooms


Painting a tiny area of your bathroom to test a color's suitability is one option, but it might be better to paint a poster board and hang it in the room instead. If you decide to paint the entire room an entirely another color, it will be simpler to do so thanks to this. dry-erase board. A dry-erase board is a great way to test out colors without having to paint an entire room.


The same guidelines apply to tile, which is a more popular bathroom flooring option. You can avoid the hassle of having a bathroom that outdates itself too quickly by making a prudent bathroom color choice. Nevertheless, there are still methods to enjoy color without concern about the future. Here are a few bathroom design examples that demonstrate how to stay inside the boundaries if you want or play it safe.



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