The Different Types of Screen Printing for Your Blank T-Shirt

The Different Types of Screen Printing for Your Blank T-Shirt


Screen printing is a great way to customize your blank t-shirts with unique designs, logos, and artwork. It’s one of the most popular methods of printing, and there are several different types of screen printing to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll look at the different types of screen printing available for your blank t-shirt, including plastisol ink, water-based ink, discharge ink, and more. You’ll learn how each type of screen printing works and how it affects the look and feel of your finished t-shirt.


Plastisol is one of the most popular types of screen printing used today. It is a type of ink made from PVC and plasticizers which creates a thick, opaque layer on any garment. Plastisol is great for creating bright colors, bold lines and intricate designs for your blank tshirt. It is the most commonly used ink by VSTees for custom printing in Los Angeles and is an excellent choice for creating vivid designs with a soft feel. Plastisol can be printed directly onto garments or printed on transfer paper which can then be heat pressed onto any garment. This type of screen printing is highly durable and will not fade or crack after multiple washes.

Water Based

Water based screen printing is an excellent option for achieving a soft, breathable feel on your blank t-shirt. This type of printing uses water based inks and is considered eco-friendly. It's perfect for customers who want to achieve a unique look on their custom printed shirt. At VSTees, we are proud to offer water based screen printing services to our customers in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Water based inks have a very low odor, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Additionally, these inks bond with the fabric on a molecular level, providing a longer lasting print that won't crack or fade easily. Water based printing offers an even coverage that can be used to create vibrant colors. When properly cared for, water based prints can last up to 30 washes without losing any of its luster.

The main disadvantage of water based screen printing is that it takes longer to dry than other types of printing. This means it can take a bit longer to get your custom printed shirts back from the printer. However, the finished product is worth the wait!

Overall, water based screen printing is an excellent choice for those who want a beautiful, durable, and breathable design on their blank t-shirt. The eco-friendly nature of this process makes it a great option for those who are looking to make a statement with their clothing. If you're in the Los Angeles area and you're looking for quality custom printing, be sure to check out VSTees!


Discharge screen printing is a unique type of custom printing that is used to create a faded look on blank t-shirts. This process is achieved by using a chemical agent that removes the dye from the fabric, leaving behind the original white fabric color. Discharge printing works best on lighter colored fabrics and is a popular choice for screen printing in Los Angeles. The advantage of this technique is that it produces brighter and more vibrant colors without having to use any heavy inks or treatments. It's also great for achieving an organic look on your custom printed garment. Discharge screen printing also leaves a softer feel on the fabric, as there are no heavy inks used in the process. However, this process does not work as well on dark fabrics and is not recommended for fabrics with mixed fibers.

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