The road map to your partner’s pants

The road map to your partner’s pants

Sex is great, but what is greater? To know your partner’s favorite areas and drive them crazy. Turning them on will be the easiest thing ever after reading this guide that the Sydney escorts curated. Erogenous zones are the areas on the body that have a high concentration of nerve endings, so they are very sensitive to touch, pressure or vibration. Only with a little stimulation it creates sexual response such as relaxation, thoughts of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.

Which part of a men’s body is most sensitive?

According to a new survey the chin is the second biggest erogenous zone for men, only 21% of more than 7000 men said that their genitals are the most sensitive part of their body.

Foreplay is the act at the beginning of a sexual encounter that serve to build up sexual arousal. It’s important to say that most of man say that they like foreplay, so next time you are at his place make sure to start with it.

“Men are turned on by visual and physical stimulation and women mostly by brain stimulation”. Another BIG LIE. Dirty dictionary and sexting skills are way more attractive for them than undies and wrist action, most of them get turned on by playing with their mind more than with their body.

How many erogenous zones are there on the male body?

From his lips to his feet, there is so much you to explore in your partner’s body. Turn on him tonight by learning how many erogenous zones are on the male body and what are them.

1. Lips

Lips are very sensitive and full of tiny tissues that send a massive tingle down his spine when you lock your lips with your partner or sexy London escorts.

2. Frenulum

Did you know that Frenulum is compared to the female equivalent of the clitoris? Frenulum is the point where foreskin meets the underside of penis. It looks like a small V just below the head. It is in our list because of his nerve endings that give pleasure on your partner’s body.

You should explore this erogenous area while you are giving an oral sex to your partner. Make him go wild by letting your tongue slide over this area and don’t forget to use your hands. Be slowly and stimulate the area between Frenulum and the less sensitive base of his penis.

3. Thumb

Have you ever imagined to consider this as his sensitive area? Thumb is one of the erogenous area and it specially will turn on your partner’s imagination by thinking what comes next. If you are thinking to make him notice what you want start by licking his thumb, he will have a burning desire after.

The road map to your partner’s pants

Now you know what to do, sucking on a man’s thumb feels like sucking something else this will help your partner to connect his body and his mind. You can start it by kissing his hands and then when you arrive at his thumb you let him know this is a promise for what comes next.

4. Nipples

You thought that this work only for women or beautiful Sheffield escort? I am afraid that I am going to tell you once again that you were wrong.

Men have also sensitive nipples, apparently nipple and genital bring the same reaction at your partner’s brain and all you have to do is to stimulate them a little and handle them with care. If you are taking off the clothes tonight remember to take off his shirt first and start your foreplay.

The road map to your partner’s pants

5. The P spot

This is the part that most of men are afraid to accept, but this area is THE ONE that guaranty you intense orgasm. We are talking about the male prostate gland, you can find it three-quarters of a finger length inside his anus. The P spot is similar like G spot for females. So all you have to do is a conversation and then action.

If you are having dinner tonight you can start with a soft conversation and asking your partner if he wants to try something new, after explain him what are you talking about. Prostate is located between the base of his penis and his anus so touch him outside of that area can externally stimulate the gland.

Now that you know where to find it don’t lose it.

6. Neck

Something interesting about this area is that you can find different erogenous spots on it. is different in different partners some like the nape of neck (chin) some like the back of neck.

When you are with your partner don’t become too much focused in one place but explore all of it and find his favorite spot.

In few minutes you will be in his bed, or kitchen or who knows where …

7. Ears

If you are an explorer you must have noticed that when you are kissing each other and you start breathing close to his ears or kissing him there he likes it, if you are not an explorer you just have learned an important fact.

You can change your sex life by exploring your partner’s body, all you have to do is turn on your imagination, try something new and take off your clothes.

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