«Inner Second» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Inner Second hails from Perth, Western Australia. The initiative began when Shannon Redding and Michael Anagno, two friends from school, started writing songs together in February 2009. Michael had played with the cover band Blue Gene for three years prior to this, and decided to move into original music. He had previously co-written with Shannon in 2005 under the moniker “The Saurus”, and the two were happy to reignite their creative spark. Towards the end of 2009, Shannon relinquished his frontman duties to remain a silent co-writer.

In 2010, Rob Verboom was invited by Michael to be Inner Second’s new frontman. The two of them released the Hurricane CD single at a live performance in March 2010. Rob recorded the vocals for the tracks, whilst Mike provided the instrumentation. In June 2010, Mike decided to take Inner Second in a new direction, away from the traditional band form and into more of an ‘initiative’ focusing on songwriting and recording using guest performers.

For more information and sample tracks, head to the official website http://www.innersecond.com