«Maria in the Shower» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Maria in the Shower is a folk cabaret within a 4-piece band, hailing from deep inside the creative beating heart of East Vancouver, Canada.

Intoxicated with passion, able to move gracefully through moods, or instigate fits of infectious dancing. Each show a complete performance in the vaudeville tradition.

Maria in the Shower is a place where all music comes to play. Standing apart from mainstream pop, and looking ahead to where it all began, the boys of Maria deliver true folk songs, rooted in the rich soil and realized through hard work, joy and love of storytelling.

Skilled performers. Always fun. Always captivating. Always connected with the audience.

If Tim Burton could have his way with “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” you would taste something like the fabulous delights of Maria in the Shower.