«Mr. Red Exp» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Musician, filmmaker, audiovisual performer, born in Slovenia, year 1977. Besides his videos and films, also known for his live recording music, based on improvisation in studio or on stage. Almost all his music is made in one-take, during his performances with no additional mixing and recording. Each project he makes, has to be a new musical story inside Red Exp World, a place where people can communicate with their dreams, personal stories, sounds and feelings. With his voice improvisation through his music, he is telling listener cinematic stories and personal poems. His music is described as dreamy, sensual, poetic, melancholic… His repeating sounds and melodies lead listener to different musical meditation, sometimes into cinematical experience, sometimes into a crazy dj like concert. He is the multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, drums and percussions. Each album of his is unpredictable and different each time. From punk to techno, from garage to ambiental, from noise to avant-garde, from rock to classical. He started Red Exp Art in 1999, to publish his audio and visual work. He lives in Slovenia and travel to different parts of the world occasionally. His films and videos has been shown at many festivals around the world.