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People in Jars are the latest post-prog quintet to emerge from a dank and darkened cellar in Leeds. Dynamic and fresh, their tracks mix live electronics, dub-step bass and guitar-driven rock with powerful vocals and anarchic lyrics.

The band was formed by boyhood friends Ade Mincher (guitar) and James Robertson (guitar, keys, electronics), then joined by long time collaborator Adam Phillips (vocals), Chris Hardgreaves (bass) and Martin Davies (drums). Chris’ involvement in the dub-step scene via Leeds’ Submotion Orchestra has led to Jars music being mastered by the dance label Ranking Records, as well as lining up a remix of Summud by Ranking superstar producer, Ruckspin.

Summud and Snakes and Lions also feature classical violinist Yvonna Magda. These tracks feature some of the bands most overtly political lyrics, “I’m tired of being played like a cheap violin, they piss on us and say its raining,” murmurs Phillips on Snakes and Lions, a song about state oppression and the policing of activism in the UK.