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Sometymes Why are Kristin Andreassen (Uncle Earl, Footworks), Ruth Ungar Merenda (The Mammals), and Aoife O’Donovan (Crooked Still).

Sometymes Why is a mesmerizing trio of modern-day sirens. Their vocal intensity, sparse arrangements, and passionate lyricism whirl into the air and cut a cyclone’s path through the heart. Aoife, Ruth and Kristin have honed their recipe for ruthless tenderness with utter disregard for conformity or convention. Their songs tell the secret tales of our own lives and beg us to believe in the power of revelation.

A note on the name: they used to be called Sometimes Why. There is a band in Toronto with that same name, so they changed the band name to Sometymes Why. The title of their first album (both for the original black edition and the new silver edition) is still “Sometimes Why.” Parental Advisory: Please note that Track Seven (“Too Repressed”) contains explicit lyrics. Their second album is entitled “Your Heart is a Glorious Machine.”