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Tough on Tobacco is a 6-piece progressive disco dance metal bhojpuri act from Outer Mongolia.


Tough on Tobacco is a humour-tinged pop-rock-reggae sextet from Mumbai.

Yes. I said sextet.

Tough on Tobacco (the name) is meant as an anti-smoking mantra.

We smoke too much!!!!

Tobacco is bad for you. It is addictive. If you haven’t started smoking, DON’T.

If you have, well, too bad, join me for a smoke? … (but really, DO NOT START SMOKING)

ToT began in 2007 as a two-man (Sidd Coutto/Hans Dalal) production project with the sole intention of making music for music’s sake. It took a year for us to find a sound we were happy with.

Johan Pais and Jai Row Kavi played with Sidd in Helga’s Fun Castle (HFC) while Gaurav Gupta and Pozy Dhar played with Sidd in Zero.

HFC and Zero broke up in 2008 and ToT (the band) was born.

The gigs are fun. The music is easy.

It’s time to get Tough on Tobacco.

All 6 members are in the top echelon of their fields:

Sidd Coutto (vocals/guitar) – #3 Rasta wannabe on Hill Road.

Gaurav Gupta (guitar/vocals) – #2 fake Parsi on Turner Road.

Pozy Dhar (guitar) – #1 Work/Music juggler in Wadala

Neil Gomes (violin/sax/flute/vocals) – #3 Apologetic Brother from Goa

Johan Pais (bass) – #2 burping motor cycle enthusiast in Shivaji Park

Jai Row Kavi (drums/vocals) – #1 Gang Banded musician in Bandra