«The Toy Dolls» - «Spiders in the Dressing Room»

Spiders in the Dressing Room
I was getting dressed late one night
along came a spider and I got a fright
oh I could not squash it flat
No matter how I tried,
And when it looked me in the eye
I ran away to hide...
I put on me Doctor Martin shoes
A battle with the spider that I wasn't gonna loose
A kick from the left a kick from the right
I was on the floor but I was alright
It was gonna be a long long night
Spiders in the dressing room
Spiders everywhere
Spider in the dressing room beware
(repeat twice)
Things were getting hot and I had to take a chance
The spider got impatient
Started crawling up me pants
I shook it off me legthump it hit the ground
Everything was silent so I didn't make a sound
I crossed the room as happy as can be
I had killed the spider now it couldn't bother me
But with me arm on the light
He was there ready for a fight
It was gonna be a long long night.
It was getting late and the spider wasn't dead
An audience had gathered round
AndI was going red
I put a jam jar on the floor
the spider crawled inside it
I screwed the lid back on the top
And threw the jar outside
At a party late that night
Everything was bright and gay
We played all our pop records and danced the night away,
Early in the morning came a knocking at the door
I opened it slowly guess what I saw
It was gonna be a long long night...