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Full on or melodic psytrance (also referred to as morning trance, club psytrance and Isra-trance) is a style of trance music, a form of psychedelic trance firstly originated in Israel at the early 2000s. Melodic psytrance draws its main influences from more radio-friendly genres such as uplifting trance (Nitzhonot and vocal trance) and electro house, futuristic melodies, occasional electric guitar performances and usage of vocals. The expression “full on” is taken from the first out of a seven compilation albums series, and the first album ever to be released under Hom-mega Productions in 1998, titled Full On.
Some other sources say it comes from the Fullmoon festival’s name, whilst others argue that it is derived from a phrase widely used to describe particularly high-energy music (“That tune is really full-on!”). Full On is with out a doubt the most popular form of Psychedelic Trance. Owing to big bass-lines, catchy hooks and some borderline commercial and pop elements this style has the most mass market appeal.
The most easily recognizable elements of full-on psy-trance are the so-called “rolling” bassline, which crams two or three short bass notes in between each hit of the 4/4 drum, the fast changes in music sequences (max 32 beat for sequence), and a more melodic/uplifiting nature. Often heard in clubs or during the sunrise and morning hours at festivals it is popular in Israel, Brazil, Goa, Florida, Victoria and the United Kingdom.Some big names within the Full On psytrance style:Alien ProjectAudioAddictzAzax SyndromBlissBubbleSpectro SensesFadersFreaked FrequencyDigital TribeLiquid SoundVibe TribeSystem NipelQubenzis Psy AudioAnanda Shake