«Fragile Art» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Originally formed in 2004 by two no doubt peculiar and “bright” persons (a.k.a Sergey “DeD” Dichko and Dmitry “Jim” Pomomarev), Fragile Art had clarified that the band has a right to be successful. After debut album called “AXIOM” was released in autumn 2007, audience had confirmed their steadfast desires and really fast became faithful to the band.

In process of forming of the line-up, many musicians got through the band until the end of 2005, when the band had got a stable line-up:

Sergey “Ded” Dichko - vocals, Dmitry “Jim” Pomomarev - guitars, Matvey “Madgard” Bashenin - bass, Alexandr “Mladshoy” Vorobyev - drums, Alexandr “Batva” Smirnov - guitar.

By that time Fragile Art had already an energetic concert activity in clubs in Moscow and near. The band was doing demo records, experiments with the sound,had discussions about a concept of debut album.

In June 2006 they started record sessions at “Mindcrusher Lab” studio in Elektrostal city. Under careful inspection of sound-producer Ruslan Maslennikov, all the work was done by autumn and got a title “AXIOM”. After that Alexandr Smirnov left the band and was replaced by Roman “Romario” Volinchikov from the band called “New Folder”.

The search for suitable label to release the album was protracted until the beginning of 2007, and, finally, in February 2007 the agreement for release of “AXIOM” was signed.

In May 2007 Fragile Art did a first sally in Ukraine under cover of Spring Termination Tour (6 concerts in the biggest cities of Ukraine). After “hot” touring was done, the band appeared at number of concerts in Moscow and soon shot a video for the song “From Blind Love To Wild Hate”.

To the beginning of autumn, CD-MAXIMUM had released “AXIOM”. Fragile Art started to work for new album and was preparing for the second tour through Ukraine that took place in December 2007.

In 2008 new changes reached the band. Alexandr Vorobyev was replaced by Max Warfolomeev, Matvey “Midgard” Bashenin was replaced by Sergey Podosinov and Roman “Romario” Volinchikov was replaced by Roman “metalmind” Barbun. The spirit of sound created by Jim and Ded was supplemented and developed by new members.