«last summer» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Last Summer is the solo project of Singer/Songwriter Franco Fichtner (vocals, guitar) formed in Leipzig, Germany in 2007. Backed up on stage by Jens Vieweger (guitar) and Melanie Mießler (vocals), the trio plays acoustic alternative rock influenced by a wide variety of blues, rock, metal, and jazz bands.

When his old band one-twenty regressed in the beginning of 2007, Fichtner decided to pursue the emerging urge to write and later play his own songs full time. Since then, he has been writing material for 3 full albums named /lost+found, The NULL Hypothesis and Better Together Than Never Alone. Subsequently, he had to split his efforts when joining the electric band Out Of Order in 2008, but never ceased to work with Last Summer. He has also single-handedly recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered songs for the upcoming debut THE YEARS IN FAST FORWARD, which is continuously being delayed since its first announcement in early 2008.

The band is best known for its song Road To Nowhere, which has already been featured on the Californian acoustic compilation Acoustika Vol. 13. Other crowd favorites are the dylanesque How Life Goes, the string quartet enhanced Lucky, and (according to Fichtner) “one of the most subtle love songs ever” called Where.

More info on the band including history, tour dates, lyrics, as well many early demo tracks can be found at the offical website, www.lastsummer.de.