«The Future Boys» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

The Future Boys were formed in late October 2012 by drummer Chris Walton and singer/guitarist Glenn Hudd. Soon after they were joined by bass player Mark Foottit and lead guitarist Joe Marriott to create the four piece they are today. Their style of music is rooted in funk rock but they are constantly dipping their toes in the pools of genres such as reggae, dance, metal, punk and any other genre that works for them. They have an open and wide range of musical tastes which influence their eclectic sound including bands such as Daft Punk, Steely Dan, Electric Six, Jamiroquai, Bowie, Zeppelin, Reuben, Crash Kings, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and many more. One of band’s greatest strengths is their energetic and exciting live performances, Glenn Hudd (singer) stated “Myself, Joe and Chris all went to music college together from 04 to 06 and we have been great friends since, Mark was in the year above us but we only really got to know him properly when he joined the band, however he has fitted right in and we are all great friends, which I think is very important in a band” The bands friendship is clear to see when they perform live, they often have big smiles on their faces and they are very tight musically. In July 2013 The Future Boys released their first EP titled ‘Future Computer’ which was recorded by Philip Willbraham at Philbraham Audio. They have received a fantastic reception from their EP which displays a great range of influences and genres whilst still managing to have the same unique sound running through each song. With an ever increasing fan base the band call Future Folk and bigger and better things on the horizon, The boys are looking to the future, with a catchy yet musically impressive style there is every chance with the right luck and determination that they could ‘make it’ at some level.