44. Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling | Li-Cycle Interview
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44. Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling | Li-Cycle Interview

Lithium-ion batteries have traditionally been impractical to recycle, creating hazardous waste and the loss of valuable, finite materials. Solving the global end-of-life lithium-ion battery problem will prove a key issue in a sustainable future for electric vehicles. Li-Cycle's Spoke & Hub Recycling Technologies provide a low cost, safe, and environmentally friendly process that can recycle all types of lithium-ion batteries, with an unparalleled recovery rate of 95% of all materials. Batteries are turned into black mass, an industry term for a mixture of lithium, nickel, cobalt and copper. Li-Cycle's Hub processes black mass in order to produce critical, battery-grade materials from recycled sources, as well as other recycled materials that can be returned to the economy.

Guest: Kunal Phalpher, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) - Li-Cycle
Li-Cycle website ➜ http://bit.ly/LiCycleRecycle​

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~Li-Cycle Interview | Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling~
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