Building Audio Teams and Audio Products with Prashant Mishra | WolfTalk #008

Building Audio Teams and Audio Products with Prashant Mishra | WolfTalk #008

In this episode, I was fortunate to interview Prashant Mishra, an Audio Director who is now building audio products and creating awareness about audio tech and game audio.

Prashant is an audiophile who has worked as an Audio Director for educational games and videos in collaboration with Disney to create IP-specific sonic experiences, during which he created voice based apps. He helped in setting up and scaling the sound department at an India-based ed-tech since 2015 for their entire catalogue of projects.

He is now building audio products with companies such as Soundly, and hosts games, spatial & interactive audio training sessions.

Episode Contents

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • how Prashant went from Mechanical Engineering to audio production, to managing audio teams, and to building audio products and educating others,
  • how Prashant cooperated with various brands, for example, Disney, with regard to sound,
  • what is sound design and how it differs from technical sound design,
  • what is important in managing audio-related teams of musicians, developers, and related,
  • what tools you can use to speed up your audio workflow (as a solo producer or in the team),
  • how you can become a technical sound designer,
  • how Audio Developers Conference 2022 in London turned out 😄

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