Meinard Müller: Professor in Music Information Retrieval | WolfTalk #012

Meinard Müller: Professor in Music Information Retrieval | WolfTalk #012

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • how Meinard Müller became a professor for Music Information Retrieval at AudioLabs in Erlangen,
  • what are AudioLabs and how they relate to Fraunhofer IIS and the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg,
  • how professor Müller approaches doing teaching and research in his research group,
  • how to learn doing research and how to collaborate with your supervisor (for master thesis, PhD thesis, or other research work),
  • how to mentor your students,
  • what is the book “Fundamentals of Music Processing” about and how did the process of writing it look,
  • how to tackle huge projects,
  • what is a professor’s day-to-day life like,
  • what is music information retrieval and how did the AI/deep learning revolution influence it.

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