Postulating Polyamory (OR: F*ck me in the a$$ because I love Jesus)
The Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed Podcast · 50 minutes ·

Postulating Polyamory (OR: F*ck me in the a$$ because I love Jesus)

Raylene Taskoski talks to Ashley Robertson. It's not everything you need to know about Polyamory, but it's a good start. Get ready for a whole new vocabulary complete with tongue twisters and brain busters. And Since it came up in the interview - here's a link to the song "Fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus" by the comic duo Garfunkel & Oates.


Ashley looks like an edgy, middle class white lady, but she doesn’t look like a teacher. She is a teacher. With three teaching degrees, she’s an educator who is fed up with the idea that learning comes from a teacher. Instead, she crafts workshops and activities that invite introspection and curiosity while accommodating for all learners.   She’s at her happiest when demonstrating consent with youngsters, guiding youth into comfort surrounding condoms, and answering questions about sexuality honestly. And what about her sexuality? Ashley identifies as a feminine, bi-curious, ethically polyamourous, sexual submissive.   With over a decade of experience in the BDSM scene, she isn’t shy of perverse topics. She is a liberated, ethical slut who wishes to share with others the freedom of sexuality without shame.

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