Women's Pelvis Wellness (OR: Everytime I see a wrinkle, I eat a sandwich)
The Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed Podcast · 56 minutes ·

Women's Pelvis Wellness (OR: Everytime I see a wrinkle, I eat a sandwich)

Raylene Taskoski talks with Amy Kaiser, a pelvis wellness specialist, about belly dancing, hula hooping, the guy who was grossed out by squirting, starfishing, man buns, oral favors (is it better to give than receive?) and many other random side conversations. 

Amy has worked in the medical field since 1997, first as a CNA then as an LPN. She became interested in energy healing in 2011 and became a Reiki Practitioner and eventually a Reiki Master.   In 2013 Amy decided to leave nursing to help people heal in a more natural way through massage and graduated in 2014 from Health Touch School of Massage.   A month later, Amy opened her own business and has never looked back.  To further expand her services, she added Access Bars to her services in 2017.  Amy said,  “I love the feeling I get when people leave my space with less pain and tension and a smile on their face. The hugs are great too!”   Most recently, in April of 2018, Amy took the visceral manipulation training for fertility and general pelvic health. This technique can help with a vast array of pelvic issues.  Amy adds, “Combining visceral manipulation and Reiki has opened up a whole other level of healing and I feel incredibly honored to be a part of people’s fertility journeys as well.”   Some things you may not know about Amy:
  • She is a published author of two children’s books, If I Lived In The Jungle and If I lived In The Ocean, which are available for purchase in her office.
  • She has three incredible children, so she is very aware of the importance of self-care to maintain balance. Amy says, “Healing myself through Reiki has allowed me to become a very present Mom. I am no longer distracted as I had been before and my children and I get to experience one another on a deeper level.”
  “It is my passion to assist you to becoming the healthiest version of you and help you heal, mind, body and Soul.”  ~Amy  

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