Send tweet to Mexico president, kudos for snubbing usa, after USA excluded Mexico and Venezuela from the summit of the americas! Totally disrespectful, and totally undeserved, disgusting treatment of our Mexico family next door! Mexican neighbors, I for one remember a time as a youth, where we would drive an hour south, cross the border, no problem, and head to Puerto penasco - Rocky point! Such a beautiful place! And Mexican people are so kind and good people, warmer than these racist mother f******. I repudiate Mr Trump's what do you call it repulsive, hitlerian xenophobia when as president, he insulted all Mexican people! He is psychotic, and I called for his immediate arrest for insurrection, as well as over a hundred of his cronies, who orchestrated this terrorist attack @Jan6Committee; & I CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURTS, ICC, TO INDICT TRUMP FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, REGARDING BABIES SEPARATED FROM GUARDIANS; AND PERSECUTION OF REFUGEES; AND REFUSAL TO ALLOW THEM INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS TO APPLY FOR ASYLUM!!!! . I apologize, please, allow me to be the first to apologize for all the harms our stupid presidents and their criminal administrations have carried out on our neighbors. Let me be the first, also to extend and friendship, sense of family, and partnership, to Mexico. I look forward to a return to those blissful days when we used to have friendly relations. It was not so long ago! Until that time, amistad 💕

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