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Building world class teams through digital marketing and employer branding. Every single day we provide free resources, tools and techniques to help you to build your candidate pipelines. We discuss topics like, new tools to engage candidates, how to position your employer brand, how to generate high qualified candidate leads, and how to maximize your recruiting resources and budget to make the highest number of hires at the lowest CPH and TTF. And of course developing your employer brand and EVP to get ahead of your competitors when candidates engage with your company about new career opportunities.
We鈥檙e relentlessly pursuing massive shifts in the recruitment marketing space.
- A shift away from cut and paste templated, text based job descriptions which provide little to no value to the candidates that apply.
- A shift towards creating informative content and positive candidate experiences with your employer brand.
10X Candidate Experience's podcast

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State of Candidate Engagement
56 minutes

State of Candidate Engagement

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