Episode 325: San Diego Comic Con | SDCC Coverage
The Absolute Geek Podcast · 64 minutes ·

Episode 325: San Diego Comic Con | SDCC Coverage

On the 325th episode of The Absolute Geek Podcast, its all about #SanDeigoComicCon! Join us as we live to react to the news breaks for Marvel Comics, The MCU, DC, Warner Bros Discovery, and everything else going on this weekend! Don't miss the fun and excitement and give us your opinion on the biggest nerd event of the year, #SDCC!


In a world where geek culture is now trendy, lifelong, Phoenix-based geeks dare to share their opinion on comics, movies, and TV. Join us as we venture into the vast cave of pop culture to find and discuss the latest in geek news. Some of their favorite topics range from discussing the future of Rick’s group in The Walking Dead comics and TV shows, or the never-ending dispute of the future of DC movies versus the all-powerful Marvel.
No matter what the topic they have it covered!
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