Kevin has Crabs
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Kevin has Crabs

The OG trio is back for the first time in about a month and it’s glorious. Chris drops an alcohol-related opening item to the shock of no one. Jason drops one of the funniest Floridamans yet can the guys get it? The bracket brings two of the shittiest people in America head to head. Who will move on between Urban Meyer and 6ix9ine. Be a premium member, please! The guys suck at name that sound but will this week be different? Can you name that sound? Jose tells the guys where they fucked up the last episode and even skips his history lesson. Chris drops and I don’t get that most people will agree with. Kev wraps it up talking about how horny he is. Don’t miss this amazing episode. 


Chase's Favorite Moments

14:33-15:03 Florida man neighbor Busch light  tastes like water 

27:29-27:59 Kevin jerks off 2 dicks

29:15-29:45 Jason’s weird flex about peeing over 6 foot fence 

41:50-42:20 urban meter is a PoS and a liar and a POS and a liar 

62:00-62:37 Kevin has crabs and small junk 

70:05-70:35 Kev hates cheetohs and is dumb


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