How’s Your Celibate Life Going?
Deliver Us · 35 minutes ·

How’s Your Celibate Life Going?

In our second episode of “Deliver Us,” we look at two suspected causes of the sex abuse crisis: celibacy and gay priests.
Psychologist Thomas Plante has worked clinically and academically in the area of clerical sexual abuse for 30 years, and he describes the behaviors and traits that are common among abuser priests. Margaret Smith of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice gives us a deep dive on the data. She says that the statistics do not support theories that celibacy and gay priests caused the abuse crisis.
After looking at the data, Maggi asks three men a more personal question: How’s your celibate life going? These men had different experiences of celibacy in the Catholic church, and help us to understand how the church can better help priests to live healthy, celibate lives.
Thomas Plante: No, homosexuality is not a risk factor for the sexual abuse of children
The John Jay Study on the causes of the sex abuse crisis
Patrick Gothman’s ministry for queer Catholics
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