191:  Building for a Lucrative Exit with Ryan Tansom

191: Building for a Lucrative Exit with Ryan Tansom

A multitude of startup founders who take the plunge into entrepreneurship do so with the goal of financial freedom and independence. But when faced with the prospect of an investment, an acquisition, or a merger, most entrepreneurs don’t realize what needs to be done.

This can lead to a shattered realization of a broken dream as the vision of that financial gain from all your hard work begins to fade into obscurity.

Today’s episode of Work Without Pants features Ryan Tansom. Ryan is the Co-Founder of Arkona and is an online educator who aims to impart the ability to plan, grow, and prepare your business for that lucrative exit several years before it happens. 

Ryan talks about the 5 Key Principles of Intentional Growth. This guides businesses in establishing their identity as early as their foundation and growth stage. These principles touch cover everything from what you are trying to solve to your financial targets and the value of your business.

Watch this episode to gain insight on how to prepare your business properly so you can grow it and gain financial freedom from it in the future. 

Gain and learn more essential business knowledge at the following resources to complement this episode:

  • Arkona.io - Gain access to digital courses on Intentional Growth and Mastering Your Cash Flow with Ryan Tamson.

  • ContentAllies.com - In today’s tight world of marketing and brand identity, providing content for people to learn differentiates you from the competition. Content Allies works with you on creating podcasts that result in revenue generation for your business. 

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