10. How to Balance Creativity/Passion With Productivity

10. How to Balance Creativity/Passion With Productivity

If you are new to entrepreneurship, you might be asking yourself "How do I maintain my passion for the business while also being able to grow and scale it?"


This is a question that trips up a lot of people in the beginning. 

So many entrepreneurs start a business that is rooted in a passion for a particular skill, task, or hobby. You might love video editing, so you start a video agency. You might love cooking, so you start a restaurant. Maybe you're passionate about helping people, so you become a coach. 


In this podcast, Ryan and Kota go over the importance of staying true to your original vision of why you started the company, and how to maintain the fire and passion when the unsexy parts of business comes up. Burn out is something every entrepreneur will come up against, that's why it's so important to remember to keep that balance of “harmony over hustle”


They also go over:

-  How Ryan actually messed up his business by trying to work IN it instead of ON it

-  The different strategies to build multiple companies at the same time

-  The importance of having an “exit strategy” before starting a company 

-  Why being “comfortable” could sabotage the growth of your brand

-  When is it the right time to start a 2nd company



“Mapping It Out: The Roadmap of Entrepreneurship” podcast was created to highlight  the entrepreneurship journey of what it means to run a legit company.  Follow along as we talk about topics from “how to start a company” all the way to “the mistakes we have made”

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