17. Scaling Your Business, Following Your Vision, and Becoming a Better Leader

17. Scaling Your Business, Following Your Vision, and Becoming a Better Leader

One of the hardest questions you might be facing in your business right now is: “How do I scale my business to get more clients to generate more money?”

In this podcast, Ryan and Kota discuss what it takes to scale your business to get more customers. You have to remember, that making your first $1,000 is tough, but so is making $1,000,000. You have to equip yourself with the right skills to scale your company. You might have 5 clients now, but it doesn’t mean you are ready for 50. Scaling too fast or scaling when you are not ready can cause big problems long term.

They also go over: -How scaling is not always the best option for your company -Business is simple, but not always easy (find others that are your niche and learn from them) -Being a leader is not a skill you are born with, you have to practice it and learn about it -Learning when the right time to reward yourself (entrepreneurs usually quit due to burnout) AND SO MUCH MORE!

“Mapping It Out: The Roadmap of Entrepreneurship” podcast was created to take you behind the scenes on the entrepreneurship journey, highlighting what it takes to create, scale, and run a REAL company. The good, the bad, and the ugly, it's all here. Follow along as we talk about topics from “how to start a company” all the way to “the mistakes we have made”.


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