20. 7 Key Things Apparel Brands Need to Scale

20. 7 Key Things Apparel Brands Need to Scale

As an apparel brand owner, do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels and wonder what it takes to actually gain traction and scale?

In this podcast, Ryan discusses with Kota the 7 things that every apparel brand needs in order to grow and scale. Starting a clothing line is easy, but GROWING one into a profitable and sustainable brand is much more difficult than most people realize. With these simple 7 things in mind, you'll be on the right path to success.

The List of 7 to Scale: 

1. QUALITY PRODUCT: matches your market (don't overshoot or undershoot).

2. FULFILLMENT: getting products to consumers in a timely manner, making good on the promises the brand makes.

3. RELEVANT CONTENT CREATION - visually defining the MESSAGE and the MISSION that create the IDENTITY of the brand.

4. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: knowing how to create social media content that supports your brand effectively. 

5. EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING - not just throwing money at reach, but WHERE to put your money to get the most return.

6. EMAIL / SMS CAMPAIGNS: follow up, reach back, etc.

7. CUSTOMER SERVICE: the experience the customer receives should match the messaging your brand is putting out across all the other platforms.


They also go over:

  • Direct and Indirect content creation.

  • Which platforms to start creating content on (Instagram and Tik Tok).

  • Not worrying about the fancy lights and production to make great content, focus on the message.



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