22. The Power of Quitting

22. The Power of Quitting

As an entrepreneur, or even life in general, you might be asking yourself in your day-to-day battles, “Is it okay to quit?” And the answer is yes, but only if you know WHY you're quitting. Let us explain real quick.


In order to build anything truly great, it's going to require a MASSIVE amount of focus, time, and energy. The very definition of focus is that you exclude other things that don't move you further towards your goal.


Now that we know quitting certain things, activities, or even people, is a requirement in order to focus on other things, the key is to remember WHY you're letting them go. Here are some examples:


Quit allowing crappy "friends" to bring you down --- Allowing people (or even family) around you who don't contribute to your dream and only drag you down is something that MUST be shed before you can reach and maintain any real level of "success".

Quit wasting time --- How productive are you? Are you truly focusing and maximizing every minute of your day? What are you wasting time on? Quit those things.

Quit useless habits --- How many things in your day could you cut out or "quit" if you truly focused on your vision of greatness? This could be alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, porn, dating sites, social media, etc. The list of distractions is endless. Decide what doesn't serve you, and quit it.

Quit negative self talk --- You should be your own biggest cheerleader, you can't expect anyone else to believe in you until YOU believe in you. 

Quit taking the easy way --- Do hard shit so you know you're not a quitter, which will allow you to quit other things with confidence and maintain momentum towards your goal.


In this podcast, Ryan and Kota discuss the importance of learning how and what to quit so you can focus on the things that actually matter. Ryan talks about learning the “ego and your B*tch voice”. 


There is a vast difference between quitting something because it's just too hard, or quitting because it simply no longer serves your purpose. One gets you further towards your goals, the other will have you constantly second guessing yourself and will start a downward spiral that will eventually rob you of self esteem & confidence. 


Focus on your MAIN GOAL, quit literally everything else.


They also go over:

- The truth and the lie of the old saying “Every millionaire has 7 streams of income”

- Ryan is a former Navy SEAL, but still quits things as quickly as possible if they no longer serve a purpose.

- How to brush off the peanut gallery when they say “I can’t believe you’re giving up.” YOU have to know the difference FIRST.



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