If you are an entrepreneur, it's likely you've experienced frustrations finding, hiring, and working with creatives (people such as video editors, photographers, graphic designers, artists, etc.) to help you create designs and content for your brand.


That's totally normal! And we dive into why it happens, and how to make it better.


“Creatives” are sometimes a different kind of breed. The reason behind that is because they are usually “artists” first. Working with them can either be extremely frustrating, or they can be an AMAZING asset for your brand.


In this episode Ryan & Kota go over some tips on how to get the best work from an artist, while also being a great client for them (and why that's something you should WANT to be).


We also cover where to find creatives to work with, the best way to communicate with them to ensure a seamless art development process, while also building a great relationship for future work. 


Ryan and Kota also discuss:

-  The difference in mentality between a freelance “creative” compared to the CEO of a company, and why understanding the difference can help you.

-  The real reason why Ryan taught himself Adobe Illustrator to help with his logos for work.

-  Understanding how to best communicate with “creatives” to make the process of working together smooth and fruitful for both sides. 



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